Successful Installations in Mexico

These are some installations from our partner in Mexico, Bioguardia.  We have helped cafes, restaurants and banks to maintain a clean and safe environment for their clients. Photos from our successful installations.

Makati School Project

Reflectair recently completed a 1333 pcs school installation in Makati with our Philippines partner Lightworks. The project enabled the schools to safely reopen.

Delta variant is much more infectious than eariler COVID strains

Variants of Concern: Indoor air quality’s new VOC?

As the world’s nations labour to vaccinate their citizens, the ever-evolving COVID-19 virus is spinning out highly transmissible mutant strains that are overwhelming our ability to contain and manage coronavirus within society. Faced with a dismally small global immunisation rate of about 10%, lockdown-fatigue leading to the premature relaxing of control measures, and the overdue …

Variants of Concern: Indoor air quality’s new VOC? Read More »

safety of upper-room uvc systems

Is upper-room UVGI safe?

Many people think twice about the idea of having germicidal UV running in the upper area of occupied rooms, concerned about possible harm to human health. However, decades of in-field data and a leading study show that the actual risks are insignificant. How does UVC light work and what are the risks? UVC light is …

Is upper-room UVGI safe? Read More »

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