PureLiving's Shanghai office
PureLiving's Shanghai team on the company's 10th anniversary

Reflectair is a joint venture between Nistu Technologies Limited – a Hong Kong-based product innovation company – and PureLiving Indoor Environment Solutions Co., Ltd. – a market leader in indoor air quality solutions. As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified throughout 2020 and the role of airborne transmission as the primary vector of the disease’s spread became ever more clear, Reflectair formed around the principle of innovating an effective, affordable and safe solution for fighting this invisible threat. Upper-room UVC was quickly identified as a proven technology with growing popularity, but what was missing was a solution that was simple but effective enough to be widely and safely deployed outside of the hospital setting.

French-born and China-based inventor/engineer Janick Simeray came up with the idea of the first focused UVGI projector. Unlike traditional upper-room UVC luminaires, which fully enclose the germicidal UV bulb and use louvers as a safety measure, Simeray realised that by altering the size of the light source and its focal length in relation to a parabolic reflector, a highly focussed beam is created. This brings a number of benefits: higher germicidal UVC power, lower risk of leakage and much better coverage of the entire sub-ceiling upper-air layer.

The entire Reflectair team is proud to offer this potentially life-saving innovation to the world.

China-based French inventor Janick Simeray
Simeray with one of his earlier inventions
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