URSA-F Crossflow Fan Module



When no split AC unit is available or extra air circulation is needed to assist convection, our URSA-F  powerful, low-noise cross flow fan module clips onto the parabolic reflector with powerful magnets.



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  • Power yet silent cross flow fan assists convection (warmer exhaled air rising up, cooler air pushed down) for more effective air sterilization
  • Easily and safely attaches to URSA-28 reflector with powerful magnets

*URSA-28 reflector sold separately.

Why convection matters

adequate convection ensures exhaled air and virus aerosols rise up into the UVC iration zone for deactivation

Convection is the action of warm air moving upwards and cool air downwards. It is important to understand how convection, or lack thereof, influences airborne viral transmission and the performance of upper-room UVGI systems. In these diagrams, the man on the right is infected with COVID-19. In the absence of an AC inlet or other air circulation device drawing up contaminated air at velocity, aerosolized droplets can easily drift horizontally and infect others (see diagram on left). The upper-air germicidal UV zone can only prove effective if the hazardous aerosols expelled into shared indoor spaces are swiftly drawn up into the upper-room UVGI irradiation layer just below the ceiling. As the diagram on the right demonstrates, the URSA-F module helps to draw up warmer, virus-laden air and recirculate cooler, decontaminated air into the room for maximum safety and comfort.


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 12 × 12 cm

110V, 220V

Noise output




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